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The SLR delivers significantly better photo quality and recording capabilities versus compact. Due to sensor size, interchangeable lenses and excellent ergonomics, this is almost the only choice for photographers, but to take full advantage of them, it is often necessary to take manual control over many settings. A large number of SLRs at the factory settings have a fairly neutral photo (compared to compactors). If you think the photos will be perfect directly from the camera, you’re loose. The SLR assumes that you already know or intend to learn more advanced recording techniques and that you are not afraid to run Photoshop.

In our opinion, there is no bad SLR today. Even with the cheapest model and lens kit, a skilled photographer will make top-of-the-range photographs. One of the most common mistakes made by beginners is buying an expensive D-SLR body that uses a cheap kit lens. If you do not need a specific function that is delivered by a more expensive SLR, the best option is to buy the cheapest body in combination with a better lens. As a general advice, we recommend purchasing some premium lenses such as 35 or 50 mm f / 1.8 (900 – 1.900 kn depending on the system) or faster zoom, such as Tamron’s 17-55 f / 2.8.